Dr. Milie Nwoye-Delmotte

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By Chinweoke Helena Eke

There are few things more life-changing and rewarding than assisting in the creation and advent of new life into our beautiful world.

In this wonderful season of Christmas as we celebrate the birth of baby Jesus and the miracle of life, hope and salvation, it seems fitting that the December spotlight is our very own Dr. Milie Nwoye-Delmotte, class of 1995 alumna of FGGC Onitsha.

Dr. Nwoye is not only a U.S. Board-certified Obstetrician & Gynecologist, but also a European trained Fertility specialist. She owns and operates a cutting-edge private clinic in Belgium, the youngest Nigerian to do so.

Mmiliaku or Milie as she is fondly known, the first of five children, was born in Enugu to well-educated, professional parents. Extremely clever and studious from a young age, she notably excelled all through her primary education in Enugu and passed her common entrance exams with flying colours. During her stay at FGGC Onitsha, she was able to maintain high grades while being a devoted member of the school fellowship and tutoring her peers in many subjects especially mathematics, of which I was a beneficiary. Her leadership qualities were recognized by her seniors, which led to her being made a Zinnia House prefect. Even in her senior secondary days, in the extremely competitive “B-class” (Pure Sciences), she held her own as a top contender and subsequently graduated in 1995 with exceptional results. I remember her as a very neat, humble, devout, slender and ridiculously “brainy” 6-footer, a perfectionist who had she chosen, would have made a fabulous supermodel.

Her pursuit for excellence led her to the United States where she graduated, magna cum laude, with a Bachelor of Science degree in pre-professional Zoology & Chemistry. She was accepted into Northwestern University Medical School Chicago, a top 20 U.S medical school, where she received Honors in the fields of Cardiothoracic Surgery, Internal Medicine and Surgical Oncology. Milie, as usual, excelled at Northwestern, receiving various awards in extracurricular charitable causes and was awarded Best Laparoscopic Surgeon during her O & G residency in Boston. She followed this with postgraduate trainings in New York, Massachusetts and Antwerp culminating in a Fellowship at CRG-UZ, Brussels.

Millie and her family

Milie had always put education first until love led her to Belgium where she currently lives with her handsome husband and adorable 2+-year old daughter. In Belgium, she received further training in the field of reproductive endocrinology and infertility at the Center for Reproductive Medicine of the University Hospital of Brussels, renowned for inventing the procedure ICSI (Intra-Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection), where the sperm cell is individually injected into the egg cell. This revolutionary procedure has been so successful that more than 50% of IVF is performed using this technique across the world.

Dr. Nwoye provides couples a customized, patient-centered experience utilizing the services of the second biggest IVF center in Europe. This patient-centered experience offers longer consultation times and quality care amid ultra-modern medical facilities. Aside from routine gynecologic care services to intending moms, she offers a ‘preconception’ service designed to optimize a woman’s health before pregnancy. To pregnant moms-to-be, the assurance of the best quality care in a world class clinic coupled with confidence in Milie’s abilities makes the entire pregnancy and birthing experience enjoyable and relaxed.

Dr. Milie Nwoye-Delmotte at work

Milie has accomplished a lot at such a young age but she hopes to accomplish so much more. Her dream is to bring comprehensive, avant-garde, fully-customized state-of-the-art quality healthcare to Nigerian women. By August 2020, she aims to set up a one-stop 24/7 service Women’s Center in Enugu, Nigeria equipped with cutting-edge health technology, embryology lab services including IVF and ICSI, operating theatres, radiology services which includes hysteroscopy, echography, mammography, CT scan, outpatient services, inpatient wards, and caters to HIV-positive couples.

In her spare time, she loves to inspire young students and females from less privileged backgrounds, helping them achieve their best sexual and reproductive health. With an ardent belief that quality health is a basic human right, she is very passionate about providing impeccable standards of care, high patient satisfaction and comprehensive patient education while simultaneously educating medical students and residents.

She has written various groundbreaking publications, made professional presentations and belongs to 7 globally-acclaimed professional Boards, Colleges and Organizations. She is multilingual, speaks fluent English, Ibo, Dutch as well as French.

Mmiliaku is also a supporter of our Alumnae chapter and has generously volunteered to provide one-on-one counselling sessions during our 2016 Reunion Convention in Los Angeles.

Federal Government Girls’ College Onitsha Alumnae Association USA/Canada Chapter is very proud of Dr. Milie Nwoye, a celebrated alumna and woman of accomplishment who is making us proud globally!


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