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As we count down to F.G.G.C Onitsha’s 5th Convention holding in New Jersey, we are proud to profile more alumnae. This romantic, fresh month of February, we are delighted to showcase Amaka Azie (Nee Ozumba) of ‘97 set. She is an up-and-coming writer, medical doctor, wife, mother of two and budding painter based in the United Kingdom.

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Amaka is a fraternal twin and one of five children born in Lagos. She graduated from Federal Government Girls’ College Onitsha in 1997 and subsequently from the University of Benin with her M.B.B.S degree in Medicine and Surgery. In 2008, she got married, relocated to the U.K to begin her family and from so much love, her writing talent bloomed.

From a very early age, Amaka loved reading and enjoyed visiting the library to read, getting so engrossed in books that she sometimes even forgot to eat! When she joined the Press Club at F.G.G.C Onitsha, she discovered her passion for writing. From writing news articles, Amaka advanced to penning multiple short stories which her classmates queued up to borrow and fight over. These positive reactions to her scribbled stories inspired her to write more.

Her favorite F.G.G.C. Onitsha memory is of when Mrs. Inyang (English teacher) seized a short story Amaka had written from a classmate who was reading it during English class rather than paying attention. The next day, Amaka got called to the Staff Room, so she went, filled with worry and expecting to be reprimanded for the romantic content in the manuscript. Instead, Mrs. Inyang turned to her with a smile and said, “I read this. I love it! And you should really consider writing as a career option.” Amazed and relieved, Amaka listened. She will always appreciate Mrs Inyang for believing in her and voicing those weighty words of encouragement.

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Her favorite African novel is “The Concubine” by Elechi Amadi and it fueled her aspirations to someday be not just a reader of stories told by Africans but a writer as well. Many works of fiction and media coverage about Nigeria or Africa are shadowed by negativity and depict corruption, poverty, war, rape, starvation and illiteracy.

Amaka writes vibrant and pleasurable African stories showcasing the Nigeria/Africa she grew up in. Stories that show the broader picture of Nigeria where aside from the negatives the press pushes out, there is love, education, family, wealth and community. In her own words, “Yes, I know there are major issues facing Nigeria and Africa. But every country and continent faces challenges. Example, the gun crimes in America is a major issue. But they are lucky to have many sides told of the American story, so people don’t believe there are only gun carrying lunatics in America. Unfortunately, in Africa, the negative news always dominates, and the picture of the African experience is often biased.”

Dr. Amaka is the proud author of three published romance fiction novels: Melodies of Love, Thorns and Roses and Starting Over Again. All three are set in Nigeria and showcase the beauty and complexities of the country. They have also earned her notable award nominations including “Book of the Year” (Melodies of Love), “Top 100 Influential Writers for 2017”, “Author of the Year” (2017), Okadabooks Bestselling Authors of the Year (2017) and other notable mentions.

She is proud to be listed alongside other amazing authors who showcase the beauty of Africa in their romance books.

Used with permission.

The secrets to her success can be summed up in: The encouragement she got from her classmates at Federal Government Girls College Onitsha, her involvement in the school’s Press Club, the encouraging validation she got from her English teacher, Mrs. Inyang and most of all, the love and she gets from her ever-supportive husband, 2 kids, friends and family. Her other hobbies are TV crime shows, traveling and painting.

Her Advice: “One thing I have learnt in this journey is that it is never too late to go after your dreams. Fear is a major enemy of success. Limitations will only stop you if you acknowledge them. I have faced disappointments, I have faced fear, but I will never give up. And that is the spirit.”

Interested alumnae can contact Dr. Azie via FB.

Melodies of Love Thorn and Roses Starting Over Again
Used with permission.

Federal Government Girls’ College Onitsha Alumnae Association USA/Canada Chapter is very proud of our Amaka Ozumba-Azie, an inspiration to all those who have dreams.


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