Our Mission: To collectively give back for the continued growth and development of our Alma Mater, Federal Government Girls’ College Onitsha and to society.

Fundraising Drive

image-left Our 2018 Fundraising Drive has officially kicked off. Our goal is $80,000 and we ask you to please donate generously.

The Funds raised for our 2018 - 2019 projects will be used to tackle some of the other infrastructure rehabilitation work and human capital development which the school desperately needs.

Infrastructure Rehabilitation Projects

Infrastructural decay is plaguing the school. We intend to engage is several rehabilitation projects over time based on the current and most pressing needs of the school.

Current Project - Success Hall Renovation

Funds from the 2016 Fundraising efforts are being used for the renovation of the Success Hall on the school premises. This is a building where all major exams are held and has become dilapidated over time. The renovation is set to be completed in time for the February 2018 examinations.

You can follow the progress of our current projects here.

Future projects

Some of the other rehabilitation projects we plan to engage in are as follows:

roofs in disrepair

Roof Renovations

The roofs across the school are in disrepair. Repairs will begin with the classroom roofs.

sewage system

Sewage System

Repairing the sewage system across the school.


Kitchen Revamp

The kitchens are unsanitary and requires complete overhaul.

Others Include

  • Assembly Hall Building Completion.
  • Classroom Furniture Repairs/Supplies.

Human Capital & Development

image-left Sponsor-A-Student is an ongoing project campaign where donors are invited to sponsor one or more students in an area or endeavor specified, or of their choosing.

Sponsorship options may range from providing the best science student with a laptop; buying books for the winner of a poetry challenge; to underwriting the tuition for an underprivileged college-bound student.

Funds will be used for the initiative to which they are designated.

More details to follow…

Ways to Give

Via Paypal

Payee email account payments@fggconitsha.com.

Donate Online

Give by Check

Please email us for account information.

International Wire Transfers

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BOFAUS6S or BOFAUS3N are the swift codes. The swift code is the same as BIC code.
026009593 is BOA ABA routing number.

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The IBAN is comprised of a maximum of 27 alphanumeric characters within Europe and a maximum of 34 outside of Europe (German IBAN: 22 characters). At present, the United States does not participate in IBAN. Therefore, Bank of America does not have an IBAN number.

Domestic Wire Transfers

You will need to provide our account number and wire transfer routing number. 026009593 is BOA ABA routing number.

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More Resources

Learn more about our project goals and initiatives:

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