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Membership Dues

We have multiple options for payments.

Payment Options

Option 1: Pay Now via PayPal

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NOTE: Please call PayPal’s Customer Service Line on 1 (888) 221-1161 if you have any issues making payments and provide our payee email address, to their customer service team.

If you have a PayPal account, you may also pay directly from your PayPal account to ours, Recipient Email:

Be sure to note the name of the transaction e.g. 2015 Membership Fee or Donation for Projects or Donation for LA 2016 Reunion.

Option 2: Mail your check

Send your check directly to our Treasurer. Contact Us for mailing information.

Option 3: Pay into the Bank

Pay directly into our bank account (Walk-In or Bill Pay). Contact Us for bank account information.

Payment Plans

Payment plans for your membership dues are available. If you would like to payment plans via any means other than the subscription plan below, please email with your request Payments.

Subscription Option

You may choose from the monthly, quarterly or bi-annual payment options for your annual membership fee payments.

Payment Options
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