Reunion Info - Great Raffle Prizes on Gala Night!

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It’s not just dining and dancing we have lined up for the Saturday night party. There will be lots of fun goings-on and you’ll have a chance to sign up and win some of these fabulous prizes:

  1. Bags by Le Look
  2. An electric tooth brush
  3. Wine baskets
  4. $50 visa gift cards
  5. $75 amazon gift cards
  6. Gift basket from Heralph Beauty Product
  7. A pair of gold earrings
  8. Cook Book from our very own Nkiru Iweka

Don’t miss out! And don’t forget, this is also a fundraising for us to give back to our alma mater so come prepared with your hearts open and your pockets well lined.

Got questions about the weekend? Please call 213-533-9760.

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