2018 NYNJ International Convention MVPs

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The New York - New Jersey Convention was a success and we celebrated so many of our sisters reconnecting and showing commitment to building the sisterhood.

A shout out (or two):

A special shout out to Elsie Olejeme-Obiaduru and the planning committee/executives, for their passion, selflessness and commitment in making this reunion a success.

Elsie, MVP for Life! A very special salute to you for leading the overall planning committee with all your heart. Through it all, you took on your role with such grace, sense of humour, joy and love.

And to all alumnae who were not formally part of planning committee but also contributed their all to make this a success, those present and those who were there in spirit. You all made this happen! We often forget this is pure heart-centric volunteerism and everyone has busy lives. Yet, everyone served with such dedication and without egos.

Thank you for showing that indeed, #SisterhoodRocks Igwebuike Anyi. Pro Unitate!!

Most Determined Alumna

This award goes to Emmanuella.

She persevered cancelled flights, sat in the plane all day. She slept in a different town, missed Amtrack by 5 minutes. Took a bus is from New York and finally met us at Statue of liberty island.

She simply gave it all just to be with the sisters. What a remarkable display of courage and determination!!

Please join me in congratulating Emmanuella for her courage and determination.

I am totally humbled. What an inspiration ‼

Thank you so much Emmanuella.

We are so grateful to everyone who showed up and those who supported us through this journey. We look forward to many more such gatherings in the future.

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