A Lookback at October - The Month of Pink and Purple

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October. The most powerful month in the calendar year for women’s causes.

  • Breast Cancer Awareness
  • Domestic Violence Awareness

Issues which have directly impacted our lives or the life of at least one person we know.

Indeed the month of Pink and Purple is one which is recognized across the globe; every October since the 1980’s, in increasing numbers, people have rallied to raise awareness, funding and support for these two causes.

Many of our alumnae have been involved in some way. This year, we want to acknowledge the class of ’89’s Oge Nwakoby Ilegbune, who recently relocated from the UK to Nigeria and has been passionately and actively raising awareness for breast cancer in our home country.

Dr. Oge Nwakoby Ilegbune, championing the fight against breast cancer by raising awareness and inspiring her classmates to join her.

Watch the clip of Dr Oge Ilegbune’s Interview on Inside Eve on YouTube:

The interview is 23 mins into the show.

The hashtag, #BeBreastWise, and her mission motivated her fellow alumnae classmates who banded and joined in her campaign to raise breast cancer awareness throughout the month of October. From the shores of Nigeria, in the UK and even in the U.S., class of 1989 alumnae gathered, some in public places, using their branded “Class of 89 - Breast Cancer Awareness” t-shirts as a conversation piece with anyone they encountered; some even involved their colleagues in various ways.

We also want to recognize class of ‘95’s Chioma Akpotha who successfully organized a Breast Cancer Awareness & Fundraising Run on October 10th. Free Screening and Mammogram Vouchers were offered at the free event held to raise awareness and involve the community in this fight against breast cancer.

Chioma Akpotha's Breast Cancer Run Flyer.

We applaud the classes of ’89 and ‘95 for their active participation in the cause.

Domestic Violence Awareness

Another champion of these predominantly women’s causes is our very own Chapter President, Juliet Ume-Onyido, who is very active in the empowerment of women, engaging and educating them on healthy options so they can make informed decisions, and in raising awareness and providing support for survivors of Domestic Violence. With her enlightening posts shared on FB and on her website, we get an insight into how she has touched the lives of women who have struggled, some surviving, some not so fortunate, as they strive to break the chains of domestic violence in their lives.

We are Women! We are powerful! We can do much!

When you go to sleep tonight, when you wake up tomorrow, know that you have many gifts, that you are empowered, know that you can make a difference, that you DO make a difference, and don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise.

Step Out. Step Up. Be, Give, Live!

Check out the pics and stories from the Class of ‘89’s Breast Cancer Awareness support.

Class of 1989 - Fostering Unity and Raising Awareness for Breast Cancer. The T-shirts were designed by Nkechi Eneli Madiebo (Nigeria), Isobel Ijomah Okoye (UK) and Ifeyinwa Obi (US).

Ogo Emodi Akpan, 2nd right, with her colleagues in the office. Everyone in the picture held or wore a pink object. See if you can spot them.

“Friday’s are dress down days in my office so I wore my breast cancer awareness T-shirt to work. My goal was to initiate conversations regarding breast cancer awareness with at least 50 people. It was interesting to hear the stories people have about how breast cancer has touched their lives and the lives of their loved ones. I had goose bumps at the end of the day and I ended up talking to over 100 of my colleagues simply because they were curious about the T-shirt. Our IT guy told me that his Grandma, Mum and sister all had it and beat the odds through regular follow up and self exam. It was story after story and quite a fulfilling day. I also had a Russian colleague that did not realize that she could get a free Mammogram for her Mum via some Mammo centers since her Mum visits occasionally and does not have health Insurance in the U.S.” ~ Ogo

Chinenye Cynthia Enuma Ucheaguwa, C89 interviewing Dr. Oge Ilegbune, C89 at a Breast Cancer Awareness event
Chinenye Cynthia Enuma Ucheaguwa, with her business team, supporting the #BeBreastWise campaign.

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