Our Mission, Our Vision, Our Goals

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To provide opportunities for FGGC Onitsha alumnae across North America, to collectively give back for the continued growth and development of our Alma Mater and the society and to promote networking between alumnae that enrich their professional and personal lives.


To build a strong sisterhood and provide all Alumnae the opportunity to actively and collectively support the school through service, philanthropy and leadership.

Goals and Objectives

  1. Maintaining a comprehensive database of alumnae community in North America, to enhance collective engagement and contributions to our alma mater.
  2. Supporting the institution that guided us through our formative years, by enhancing the educational (human capital) and infrastructural development (living environment), of the institution.
  3. Providing avenues for social and professional mentoring & networking for the alumnae community.
  4. Implementing fundraising and social events/activities like the bi-annual conventions to support our alma mater.
  5. Undertaking projects that directly enhance the quality of life, teaching and learning environments of the students and members of staff.
  6. Strengthening the bonds of alumni members through different life cycles and phases such as birthdays, childbirths, weddings, loss of nuclear family members (spouse, parents, children, siblings).
  7. Celebrating members of the Alumni community; highlighting their achievements as a source of inspiration to all.

Be part of it. Join us in making our vision a possibility, our mission a commitment and our goals a reality.

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