June 2015 Meeting Recap

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Thanks to all those who attended our June 13th 2015 meeting. There was some really good discussion and very significant updates.

Here is a brief recap of the discussions:

  • Committee Updates: A brief update on the Planning Committee was provided by the present, Juliet Ume-Onyido, along with an outline of the planned deliverables over the next few months as we begin to pick up steam towards organizing the LA weekend. The Fundraising Committee chair, Bola Ogundairo, shared her vision for the committee activities and goals which would involve everyone, and implored members to engage wholeheartedly and be generous with their time, commitment and gifts. Gloria Ejimbe shared some of her proposal regarding merchandizing, and Ifeyinwa Obi communicated the kick-off of the Publicity Committee with more updates to come by the next meeting.
  • Sisters helping one another: An update was provided by Chinwe Abaelu on the fundraising for our dear sister and fellow alum, Ijeoma Okponwa, for her kidney transplant. Thanks to the generosity of many of the chapter members, a total of $1,425 was raised and has been remitted to her through Titi David Oni. This money was NOT raised by the association, but by members who answered the call to aid for a fellow sister in need.
  • Membership Dues Reminder: Members were reminded to pay their dues. Paypal has been setup to provide additional payment options.
  • Next Meeting is on Saturday, July 11th.

If you are a member of this alumnae chapter and do not receive the Meeting Minutes, please contact Ijeoma Ejiofor Onwuogu to get your contact information updated.

As always, you are the strength of this chapter.

Igwebuike Anyi!

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